This site made my day - Radio.Garden

This site made my day - Radio.Garden

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Aggregators stations exist for a long time. But Radio.Garden special.

This is not just a list of stations, and linked to a particular place on the world map. Here, for example, you know, from what dragged in Barbados under that breakfast Ashkenazi which song goes to balm to the heart of the samurai after Putin's departure?

The site works without having to install additional plug-ins - just walk into your browser and listen. Navigation is divided into four sections:

Live - live stream;
History - Historical transmission characteristic of each country;

Ether in 1963 to celebrate the release into space, Valentina Tereshkova

Jingles - a short melody, like a call sign "Lighthouse";
Stories - to learn the language (mostly English).

Radio.Garden - place a bookmark.

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