By default, the messenger installed its system sounds, one for incoming calls, the other post. They are neutral, and often people leave them unchanged. If you thinking about how to change the notification sound in Vaybere, then this article will be useful to you.

How to set the sound Vaybere for calls, notifications and messages?

To adjust the sound on the Android open Vaybera settings and select items from the notification. All will take a few minutes. This is assuming that you have some time you will listen to the audio files to see how to select some of them.

  • Turn Vayber and whisk screen right / push button of three parallel strips (left-upper). So you call up the total messenger menu.
  • Click on the tab "Settings" , then "Notifications."
  • Now you have to turn on the "Use system sounds" . Move the slider to the right or click the check mark.

And what about how to change the notification sound, messages and calls Viber?

After the above actions will become active two buttons:

  • "Ringtone" . And inside there is a "theme" - if pressed - opens a list of audio files, the top of which is labeled "Default" is the one that is used for incoming calls from mobile numbers. You can leave this tune or choose another from the list below.
  • "Notifications". Under it - just a list of audio files. Topmost - "Standard notification" is used for all text messages and phone alerts. You can leave it or any other note.

Change the settings you can just tick the file. Each time you mark a new item, it will be played Vayber.

On the question of how to change the sound posts in Viber on Iphone answer here:

  1. Go to the settings for Viber Iphone.
  2. Select the item alert.
  3. Sound notifications, and put the check in front of the sound that much.

Voila) Molotchaga!



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Questions and answers

You can ask any questions that have not yet been announced in the FAQ or in the comments and expect to have an answer within a few hours. Technical support will help you deal with errors or activation error " Service Viber is locked ."

Feel free to ask your questions and get answers - technical support Vayber refused in stealth mode to obtain information about the user's smartphone, so the only one who can contribute to the development of the messenger - a simple nick, and you are among them. Viber-help is always ready to give an answer to your question is of prime importance!

Where do you start?

To enjoy Viber does not need any registration! Cool, right? Simply install the application, vbey your phone number and get a code. You do remember my number =)? Vayber already knows the numbers of many of your friends. Now and friends know that you use popular applications.

The activation code is necessary for your safety and convenience. That no one else was able to use the service under your number. That's all! You can already make calls and send messages to your friends for free.

It is that Viber can I call at least in another country?

Yes! It does not matter where your friends are. Although the other end of the globe. Write and call as you want. Just make sure that your friend has already established itself application.

And my phone Viber?

Vayber created to work tirelessly on devices with Android (Google), iPhone (Apple), Windows Phone (Microsoft), BlackBerry (Rim), Symbian (Nokia) and even a platform Bada (Samsung). It is also available on devices with Mac, Windows, Linux.

Viber is free or pay?

Yes, absolutely free. No fee for calls and messages on Viber Viber. If you want cheap call to any number - please use ViberOut.

Now I will show ads?

Not! Relax! No advertising. Cool? =)

What is ViberOut (Vayber Out)?

ViberOut - a service that allows you to call at low cost on a completely any number. You can call from your smartphone as a mobile old friend (who are no Vaybera), so a landline telephone beloved grandmother, who long ago moved to Sardinia, in connection with the beautiful environment and the climate.

She will be glad to your call =) Tell her that you can install Viber and call it free! While ViberOut service supports only iOS and Android, as the most massive. But this is only the beginning! Developers have selflessly working on other platforms.

What is ViberOut credit?

This is your virtual account, adding that, you can cheaply call any number that the owner still does not use Viber. For example, your favorite grandmother, who fundamentally does not want to use cellular communication, smart phones and even the Internet.

Class, and how do I top up your account?

It's simple! You can use Visa, Master Card, PayPal, American Express. Depending on your geographical location may be additional methods of payment. Also for your convenience, provided the opportunity to top up your account directly from the app, including automatically if the balance was below $ 2.

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