Planting wisely. We save not only time and place, but also get the protection from natural neighbors

There are proven planting schemes that allow to take all the land, and furthermore, get one as much as 4 beds urozhaya.Vot several variants of these beds:

Cucumbers with dill.
Cucumbers were planted in 2 rows, the distance between the plants 60 cm. A between rows and at the edges of the beds do ploskorez kanavochki sow and dill. Making a special bed of fennel - a waste of time. He grows well with other cultures and places none.

Cabbage with radishes.
Likewise, planting cabbage: distance - 50 cm between plants and between the rows of radish line.

Making ploskorez groove very close, literally every 10 cm, and inoculated them in this order: carrot, onion, radish, parsley, onion, radish, carrot, onion, radish, parsley. If the bed of about one meter, it turns out is just 10 rows.

A month later, remove the radishes and onions will be spacious. Then, remove the onion - becomes more spacious carrots and parsley, which grow well until the end of the summer.

cottage garden vegetable seedlings

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