Appendix Yandeks.Dzen came for Android

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Yandex announced Yandeks.Dzen application, is now available for Android devices. Using special algorithms, the system automatically selects the news and publications, which will be useful and interesting to the user.

Yandeks.Dzen on AndroidYandeks.Dzen on Android

The application has a number of articles, videos, images and instructions. They can be taken as from news sites and services, as well as from prsoto users who can self-host a variety of materials on the platform. In forming the newsfeed system takes into account, on what sites a user is most likely that he is interested in, as well as some publications he prefers. In addition, you can manually specify favorite resources.

Yandeks.Dzen on AndroidYandeks.Dzen on Android

The application is available on Google Play, Yandex Browser and Yandex Launcher. Our channel also has to Yandeks.Dzene, be sure to subscribe!

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