New rumors about the iPhone 8: Internal memory 64GB / 256GB, 3GB RAM

Analysts TrendForce prepared the freshest report, which outlined a number of key assumptions relating to expectations, to invest in the new iPhone 8.

The focus of the report is given to often discuss the new flagship of the screen, which is likely to have OLED -panels a diagonal of 5.8 inches. Earlier there were rumors that the device will boast a curved display, however, the above report refutes them.

Other key components contained in the report are the built-in memory and RAM.

According to the report TrendForce , iPhone 8 may receive 3 GB of RAM. The same amount is available in iPhone 7 Plus is , and just as many, according to expectations, get's upcoming iPhone 7 s Plus is a 5.5-inch screen.

The report's authors suggest that to release iPhone 8 company Apple completely abandon the devices with 32 GB of internal memory. Therefore iPhone 8 will be released in two versions - 64 GB and 256 GB . This can lead Apple on your company for a long time trehmodelnoy system.

Also in the article it says that the version of the iPhone 7 s will also have a variety of built-in memory to a maximum of 256 GB , but about other differences between the assumptions is not indicated.

A statement that Apple may release iPhone 8 in only two cases, forced to assume that the minimum price of $ 999 or more. In this case, 256 GB the iPhone 8 can do, for example, $ 1,100.

In general rumor about a large number of useful innovations which will demonstrate the iPhone 8. If Apple will stick to the specified value, but add all of these opportunities, whether you buy a new smartphone?


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