No hot water boiler pressure Tornado

The company and model of equipment:

Tornado boiler


The pressure of the hot water is too small.


Most often, the pressure in the gas boilers falls on the following reasons:

  • leakage of coolant from the heating system;
  • lack of electricity over a long period;
  • problems with the operation of the expansion device of the tank;
  • Turbofan boiler is selected correctly and is not suitable for use in this case.

Another reason for reducing the pressure in the gas boiler is the formation of air pockets.

Their appearance is caused by such factors:

  • heating the coolant system has been filled properly;
  • in the coolant, the role which often carries water, air is present.

If you do not remove it from the water using a special device prior to injection into the system, the problem of air pockets always will be :

  • ingress of air into the system because of poor sealing compounds;
  • blockage or improper operation of the valve for venting.

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