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This article discusses why instead of Russian letters, there are squares, funky characters, gibberish, question marks, dots, scribbles or cubes in windows 7, vista, XP?

What to do to get rid of these phenomena? Universal prescription - no. A lot depends on the version windose, and the assembly itself.

The first reason why this occurs - failure encodings. Violated the integrity of the registry, and failures occur. Only this is not always the main source.

It often happens that even the newly installed operating system, after running some programs instead of Russian letters appear squares, funky characters, kryakozyabry, question marks, dots, scribbles, or cubes.

If the problem with numbers, then it quickly eliminates the use of the changes described here, and get rid of the question marks instead of the normal letters can help this instruction.

Instead of Russian letters squares

Especially often it happens after installation russifiers. Folk "craftsmen", do not account for all, or perhaps only make transfers under one operatsioku.

And perhaps this is not important when you consider that all be encoded. Maybe the program simply does not support certain characters.

Although it is surprising, but the default operating system windows 7 instead of Russian letters in some of the program displays the squares, funky characters, gibberish, question marks, dots, scribbles, or cubes.

I'm always after reinstalling am making changes to the registry, even if everything is working fine. In the future, problems with strange characters does not arise.

Remedy through the registry

Make such manipulation is very easy. To do this, download the file here and run the first file.

I emphasize, only the first, the second - if, after the first strange symbols, characters or krakozyabry not disappear and not appear normal Russian letters.

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Instead of Russian letters krakozyabry

Just remember to make changes after the computer restart in the system registry, otherwise changes will not wait.

There are several ways to change the character, but it is better not to do, as it will be the shifting of the burden (cargo) to sore spot on the unhealthy.

Program that currently displays gibberish, characters and do not understand that, can start to work, but the Russian letters in the other broken.

In any case, you can try to rename the files « c_1252.nls ... .. c_1255.nls ». add them to the end of «bak» should look c_1252.nls.bak ». Do this with all four. They are on this path: C: \ Windows \ System32.

I want to say that I reinstalled at least 100 windose 7. However, almost all were 32 (86) maximum. There were problems with the display of Russian letters.

This was especially true of programs. Some appeared to raise issues, squares, funky characters, gibberish, question marks, dots, scribbles, or cubes, but described the very first way to help always.

Also, squares, funky characters, gibberish, question marks, dots, scribbles or cubes may appear in documents or word skyrim.

This is obtained due to different formats (encoding). They can be set independently for each case separately (in manual mode) Take a look at Figure:

Instead of Russian letters question marks

At the top, click "File", and then move the cursor to the "coding" and click Edit. Good luck.

What if instead of letters poyavlyayutsya QUESTION MARKS ...

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