Mobile transfers through RURU + drawing of the iPhone 5

Mobile transfers through RURU + drawing of the iPhone 5

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Interest in the transfer of funds between accounts of mobile phones is growing rapidly. It is expected that by 2015, consumers around the world will acquire goods and services worth 119 billion dollars, making transactions exclusively via a mobile phone.

Today one in six adult citizen is a user of mobile banking, and youth swiftly develops chain stores directly from your smartphone, including the payment process itself. Being an advanced system, RURU transfers "Western" trends in Russia and offers the possibility of mobile transfers to all customers of the leading operators in the country.

City life is filled to the brim with difficult situations, in which a mobile translation can be the fastest and most effective solution. The most "hot" issue today was the question of a gift for the New Year holidays. Well, when a present is bought and paid for it alone, but even better when it you are willing to help friends or relatives. Using the transfer service to the mobile wallet or bank card, you will be able to quickly collect the required amount of money for a gift, even if the rest of the "investors" are hundreds of kilometers away from you.

In this age of the distance between people is rapidly losing its negative properties. The Internet is not a joke brings the whole world, and RURU hurry to speed up the process. To make remittances to their relatives living in another city, it has never been so easy: just install RURU and reset the amount of the desired mobile phone number. Money will reach the recipient instantly and without having to make visits to the post office or bank offices. These same tools can quickly lead through RURU - at least for e-wallet, at least for a bank card. Or just spend on purchases on the web.

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Convenience of mobile transfers apply to many other everyday moments. You can easily pay for the trip in a taxi without using cash or bank card. Possibility to pay from the account on a mobile phone help in an emergency situation on the road. Mobile Transfer can quickly pay off with work colleagues, easily and mathematics to pay the total score in the cafe or restaurant. A more mobile transfer can be paid for the loan. 21st century after all.

All this and much more - only a small part RURU functionality. Connect to the service is very simple: install the free application from the App Store and link to it account your mobile phone. Housing and communal services, transport tickets, Internet and mobile telephony, television - RURU service allows you to quickly and conveniently pay for hundreds of different operations, without getting up from the couch and not registering a bank card.

In addition, the use RURU services are now twice as nice: from December 14 to February 10 the service carries out the action "! Pay through RURU - get an iPhone 5" All you need to become a winner and get the coveted prize - the iPhone 5 - is to pay for services via the website or a mobile application "Paying world RURU» your mobile phone account. The more payments you make, the greater your chances of winning. Details of the conditions shares are listed on the website RURU.RU.

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