Who created CLASSMATES social network


Many users classmates know that the social network was created in the already distant 2006. But only a few know who was its creator. Indeed, who is this man?

His name is Albert Popkov Mikhailovich. He was born in 1972 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and some time after the birth of Popkov, the family moved to Moscow. In the mid-90s he began to develop sites. It is known that in the 2000s he worked in London, and at the high post. In parallel with the work he has created project Classmates, which originally existed as a hobby. However, everything changed when people started to register on the site, and in very large quantities.

Later Albert Mikhailovich returned to Moscow and began classmates. By the middle of 2011, more than 100 million users were registered on the project, this is the second social network in Russia, along with VKontakte, which has enjoyed such tremendous success.

Interestingly, Popkov has its own page on Odnoklassniki, and it is verified, as indicated by a check mark.

In 2009, Popkov founded Sravni.ru site, where you can find information about insurance companies and banks. It is one of the most successful projects in their area.

Who owns Classmates now? Notorious Holding Mail.Ru Group, which owns the eponymous including portal Mail.ru. But in fact, holding owns are plenty of famous projects, including social networks VKontakte and My World (yes-yes, classmates and VKontakte some owners) and ICQ.

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