Cinema on the palm: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro with a built-in projector

Cinema on the palm: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro with a built-in projector

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Unreal cool stuff!

I am holding an amazing tablet. Strict appearance, Aluminum Foldable, nice leather back, laconic word "Lenovo" on the front panel, built-in projector ... Wait, what? Projector? Perhaps, I think I'll save towards your iPad for a while.

History reference


The company Lenovo was founded in 1984 by a group of Chinese scientists at the expense of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company originally was called the New Technology Developer, Incorporated (two years later - Legend ) and specialized in the supply of computer technology in China as well as on the development of encodings for characters.


In 2003 the company changed its name to Lenovo. This word formed from "Le-" ( the original name of the company - Legend ) and Latin. novo ( new ) in the ablative case. Two years later the word was splashed on the notebook, who first won the Hall of Fame PC World magazine.

ThinkPad line has collected numerous awards, including " notebook with the best quality and the keyboard in the world " (according to magazine Laptop Magazine, 2006) and " most reliable notebook in the world " (PC Magazine, 2007).


ThinkPad notebooks manufactured by Lenovo with IBM's work even in space : NASA uses them for its space shuttles and the International Space Station, the truth of these laptops were somewhat modified because of the environment in which they operate.


It is clear that they have had similar products, the Lenovo engineers simply must be at the forefront of technological progress, and the tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 2 Pro was proof of that.

The gadget was packed with innovations: for the first time in the tablet embedded subwoofer, 8-watt speakers and most importantly - a real projector on the side of the device, projecting up to 50 inches in size picture (127 cm).


And now, at the end of last year, Lenovo showed the world a new, third generation of Yoga tablet with the word "Pro" in the name. Now the device is in front of me and charms in itself more with every passing second.



Lenovo has invented some magical appeal form: on the one hand - what is this asymmetry, more of this there is no one device on the market, even at the table does not lie, Fu . On the other hand, the fact that the company has released the third generation of tablets of this type suggests that the design has been approved by users .

And the truth is - for thickening easy to hold the device, the tablet in your hand like a glove. Very quickly you get used to this convenience and has puzzled look on completely flat counterparts.


The back cover is covered with the material " under the skin ". Material pleasant to the touch, thanks to him, the tablet does not slip of the fingers. Of course, in the decoration used is not leather, but very high-quality substitute.

Yoga Tab 3 Pro the new device, and it is not clear how this will be durable leatherette , but the fact that under the fingers are not cold plastic or slippery aluminum, definitely happy.

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Physical buttons ( there are only two ) are located at the ends of the device; on the one hand the power button with an LED ring , in front of it - on / off button on the projector. The buttons are large, with a noticeable click, it is hard to miss on.

Also on one of the side faces of the tablet has a volume rocker, and next to it a micro USB connector for charging and connecting to a computer gadget. On the other side faces is 3.5mm headset.


On the rear panel, you can find quite a large oval button, which when pressed snaps business card Yoga Tab line of devices - aluminum " leg " or a stand that rotates 180 degrees. This allows you to use the tablet in different ways without having to worry about buying a special cover, hold the tablet in landscape position. Comfortable and functional.


By the way, the tablet housing made of plastic, but the stand itself is aluminum ; plus in the treasury of longevity, however. Furthermore, for the hole in the base plate can be hung on a hypothetical nail, hook or branch ahead, so as not to hold the device in his hands.

Color tablet - fashionable at all times, the so-called " Gun-Metal ", conjures up thoughts of blue steel with the cold sheen. This is a stylish color, and I love it.

The screen and camera


In Yoga Tab 3 Pro screen diagonal is 10 inches. For me - it is the best option when you hold in your hand is not terrifying dimensions "tray" or small "planshetofon" and comfortable to work with programs and documents - no need to squint or swear because of the fact that the interface elements are too small.


The tablet used IPS matrix with QHD resolution ( 2560 x 1600 pixels ) and a density of 300 dpi. The image is not grainy, color juicy and bright , the sun information on the screen perfectly readable. Stock of brightness pleasantly surprised - enough for comfortable use 1/3 of the resource. Contrast index too is impressive - about 1.430: 1.


Chambers in the plate, as expected, two. Yes, the characteristics are good - 13 megapixel main and 5-megapixel front - but I think that taking pictures on a tablet very few people come to mind, therefore especially talk about the camera is nothing. Video chat picture is acceptable, but nothing more is necessary. The main camera takes pictures at a strong four-minus.



The sound of the new planshetnike gorgeous . He is very loud - a new Yoga creators have managed to cram as much as four branded speaker from JBL with support for proprietary technology surround the Dolby the Atmos , which together with a subwoofer give enough surround sound for a tablet.

The maximum volume is more than enough for small spaces without any extra speakers. As a bonus, the tablet is preset sound settings applet technology Wolfson to Master Master Hi-Fi access .


By personal feelings change sound settings options and really works: play with the sliders and presets can be screwed Tablet sound of your dreams , it is suitable for mobile " home theater ."

To tell the truth, I was surprised that when moving one of the sliders to adjust the sound and the truth that floated slightly to the left and to the right. Never before on the tablets I have not seen such a fine sound control .

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Here it is. The very thing that draws me inexorably in the ranks of fans Yoga Tab 3 Pro . On the tablet side wall to place a small but wonderful little window on the projector. In the previous model, the projector is at an end face, which causes some inconvenience in trying to properly position the tablet sideways against the wall or screen.

Wishes to listen, take into account the error and now the window pico-projector with a capacity of 50 lumens rotates with the stand, which greatly simplifies setup - simply have to adjust the angle.


There is a function of automatic correction of geometric distortion and hand, "fine" tuning of the image. To remove the "blurring" need to twist a finger virtual black vernier on the tablet screen. No mechanical krutilok on the tablet package is not, and it's convenient.

Maximum size of the projected image is 70 inches ( 177.8 cm ), but this is only possible in a fully darkened room. Projector brightness is not very high, so in practice the diagonal have to do a lot less, pulling the plate to the projection surface. In daylight optimum diagonal of 30 to 40 inches , in the dark - 70 all quite possible.


While the projector is no noise or heating device. Just press a button and stuck in a movie before bed , staring at the ceiling. Or in front of a wall, if the room is white wallpaper.

Testing Lenovo yoga tab 3 Pro. Counter the projector is cool. #tab #lenovo #yoga # projector #Pro

Posted (@iphones_ru)

Video when viewed through the projector does not slow down, playing without jerks, smoothly. And if you connect to the tablet wireless joystick , it is possible and in some Real Racing 3 to drive, both on the big screen than I do. Fiercely I recommend.



The back of the tablet is stuck modestly easily recognizable label with an oval on a blue background, talking about accessories Yoga Tab 3 Pro to Grupe Intel-equipped gadgets. In our case, the gadget works on the chipset : Atom x5-Z8500 , which is a mobile-oriented processor midrange family of the Cherry Trail .


With 2GB of RAM and a video processor Intel HD Graphics, Yoga Pro Tab 3 has sufficient power for everyday use and for such a difficult devaysa as pico projector. No, of course occasionally retarding system, and once I took off from what that game, but these are isolated cases.


The tablet runs on Android 5.1 with a proprietary interface Vibe UI. There is a predefined set of brand Lenovo apps of varying degrees of usefulness.

Of interesting - there INDEX Smart Window mode , which allows you to not only play different "picture-in-picture", but also to work with documents on the tablet, while the projector broadcasts the movie. As for me, as a useful feature.

Features list for everyone who loves a list of characteristics:

  • Screen: 10.1 inches, IPS, 2560 x1600 pixels;
  • Processor: Intel Atom 5-Z8500, 4 c kernel clock frequency to 2.24 GHz;
  • RAM: 2 GB;
  • Internal memory: 32 GB;
  • memory card support: microSD up to 128 GB;
  • main camera 13 Mn;
  • front chamber 5 Mn;
  • Us: LTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.0;
  • type of SIM-card: micro-SIM (there version of the model, without SIM);
  • Navigation: GPS + GLONASS;
  • Battery: 10 200 mAh;
  • ОС: Android 5.1 Lollipop;
  • Connectors: micro-USB, 3,5-mm audio jack;
  • dimensions: 247 x 179 x 4.68 mm;
  • Weight: 665 g
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    Inside Yoga Tab 3 Pro hides the battery as much as 10,200 mAh , which is clearly drawn to win time work among tablets with the same diagonal.

    Manufacturer proudly states that 18 hours of continuous operation is guaranteed , and I'm inclined to believe - the truth is somewhere nearby. Anyway, about 5 hours of continuous video display through the projector tablet mastered before the battery showed a " bottom ".

    In normal use , I charge the device once a day 2-2.5 , which is very good.


    Incidentally, the connector for charging the tablet has a support function "On The Go", which allows you to connect to the Yoga Tab 3 Pro flash drive ( yes, there are also a micro USB ), or to share charge with other devices, acting as poverbanka ( personally have not tested, but functional "On the Go" implies the use of a script ).



    Engineers and designers have done a really great job to put together into a single harmony of two seemingly very different device - the tablet and the projector. There is such a thing as Wow-gadget , that is the device that produces the effect.

    Such a device was the first iPhone, and now I would give this title the tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, because this gadget is surprising, and this is its purpose.

    Especially pleased that in the heat of the chase for the " wow effect " creators did not forget the practical aspects of the device - the tablet is easy to use, you can safely rely on him at work and at play.

    Pros device:

  • Ergonomic shape;
  • a built-in pico-projector;
  • good, loud sound;
  • We do not need cases (there are aluminum built-in stand);
  • imposing battery operation without recharging;
  • Super clear screen;
  • wow-effect.
  • Minuses:

  • The main camera is poor;
  • first you are confused between the buttons on the ends, what where;
  • confusing at first rocker, add or subtract sound
  • For whom


    Tablet Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro requires first of all creative people. With built-in projector can be hit and to win over members of any meetings and business meetings. Just sent a tablet on the wall - and show presentations. Pleasure to see.

    This is especially true in the mission, when you need something to show partners and suitable equipment in the office do not. The owner of Yoga Tab 3 Pro with honor will come out of these situations are not pleasant. And then, in a hotel room and you can watch a movie, again, not wrinkling his eyes to the ceiling hung an old television "Hero", which, moreover, is not the remote.


    I'm really not talking about gatherings with friends, barbecues in the country, and other spontaneous and planned activities. After all, we did so to carry a plate, and then the plate with the unique functionality of the projector! It should be immediately taken.

    You want yourself this? More of information here.

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