How to know which LTE-modem in your iPhone X: Qualcomm or Intel?

You probably already know that Apple is using two different modem in the production of iPhone X. They vary depending on the country and the manufacturer.

Cellular Insights conducted tests with the iPhone X, to find out which of the LTE-modems faster. A few days ago it was announced the results of tests: at least Intel modem lags slightly variant from Qualcomm still faster.

If you're wondering what kind of modem in your iPhone X, read on.

What are the options for the iPhone the X ?

the iPhone the X A 1865:  Apple's use of Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE modem A1865 option for CDMA operators (Verizon, Sprint) in USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand.

the iPhone the X A 1902:  Apple's use of Qualcomm MDM9655 Snapdragon X16 LTE and A1902 models for Japan.

the iPhone the X A 1901:  the Intel the XMM 7480 modem in option A1901 is used for GSM operators (AT & T, T-Mobile ) in the United States, Canada, Europe, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, South Africa, Argentina, Russia and Mexico.

How do I find the model number of your the iPhone the X

There are two ways to find out the model number of iPhone X.

Method 1:

Step 1:  Open Settings.

Step 2:  Go to  General> About device .

Step 3:  Locate the item  model and click on it .  The build number will switch to the model number, as in the screenshot.

Method 2:

Step 1:  Go to  Settings> About your device> Legal documents> Standards .

Step 2:  The model number of your iPhone X will be at the top, as in the screenshot.

By number of its iPhone X model, you can see how there modem.

Dwell on this information, it is not necessary, because the difference in the speeds of the two options is not as big as last year.

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