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  •  Rusifikator Top of the Page.


Top of the Page - this plugin allows you to scroll the page up Joomla site. Supports Joomla 1.6 - 2.5. In the frontal part of the site displays a button to jump to the top (to the top of it). This plugin will be useful for those sites that contain long materials, for a complete view of which the user must scroll through "multiple screens". To go back to the top of the page and, for example, use search or navigate through the menu to another section of the site, the user needs to scroll down the page or use the vertical scroll bar, or press the key on the keyboard Page the Up and so on. And you can just click the mouse button that appears on top and go to the top.

The main features of Top of the Page are the following:

  • Support for Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5.
  • Ease of installation and ease of adjustment.
  • Multilanguage support.
  • Flexible styling buttons.
  • Support as a button as the text and images.

The review will be carried out for the latest as of this writing (01.03.2012) version of the Top of the Page 1.8, Joomla 2.5.

Joomla up button can be customized to your site as necessary given the particular design. Let's look at adjustment plug Top of the Page (figure below).

Settings Top of the Page

  • Option Button Reveal Position allows you to set the height (in pixels), after reaching a button is displayed. That is, you specify how much the user has to "scroll" down the page to bring up the "Up" button.
  • If you want to use as the background picture button, the option Omit Button Text will allow you to do this by removing the text-loaded from the language file.
  • Including the option for Always AT the Top, you indicate that you must always start from the top of the page display. For example, if you refer to a page on another site, using an anchor located in the bottom of the page, it is best to disable this option.
  • The Scroll the Smooth . It allows the use of smooth page scrolling.
  • The Duration the Scroll . If you can set the speed of smooth scrolling (in arbitrary units) using this option. 1000 arbitrary units = 1 second.
  • The Scroll Transition . This option enables you to set "effect" when you scroll up. It works if the option is enabled the Smooth the Scroll . You will be available one of the twelve "effects."
  • The Location Link . You can select one of six places to display the "Up" button on the page. Above left, center, right or bottom left, center, right.
  • The option Use Styles enables or disables the use of a custom style reference. If this option is disabled, to use the style of your site template. If enabled, you can set a unique style display buttons in the Link the Style .

Let's look at a few design options button. If you want to use as a button "Up" image, the first create it in any bitmap editor and save it in a folder with the site. For example, the file you have created (or found on the Internet), is called the button . png and is located in the folder images of your website. Then the contents of the Link Style may look something like this:

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#gototop{width: 70px;height: 30px;background-image: url(/images/button.png);}

Where the parameters width and height indicate the width and height of the button image.

You may encounter a problem when the image of the "sticks" to the edges of the screen. You can make the size of the "canvas" of the image (for example, Adobe Photoshop bitmap editor) more than just drawing the button itself. A "redundant" part made transparent. And, if you have a button on the site is located in the lower right corner, then the Picture to "canvas" in Adobe Photoshop should be placed at the top left. Tweaking the parameters of width and height, you will achieve beautiful (without "sticking" to the edges) display button on the website.

But you can customize the display of the "Up" button in the form of text and background. In this case, you will be available for editing border width button, its color, the button background color, font color and background color and font when you hover the mouse cursor over the button. It looks like this:

#gototop{border:0px solid #000;margin:5px;padding:5px;background-color:#9BDCED;color:#000000;} #gototop:hover{background-color:#D4EFF6;color:#8A6D51;}

Where the parameter border : - the thickness of the stroke button (in pixels), solid - stroke color, margin - a space from the edges of the browser window (in pixels), the padding - padding of the button text (the word "UP") to the border (in pixels). In other words, by means of padding , you can increase or decrease the button itself, if it is not implemented with the help of images. background Used - color - background color (outside the focus of the mouse pointer), color - the color of the font (outside the focus of the mouse pointer), # gototop : the hover background Used - color - the color of the background in the mouse focus, # gototop : the hover color - the color of the font lettering in the mouse focus .

As you can see the up Joomla site with this plugin you will not have problems.

Top of the Page will allow you to enhance the usability of the site. Despite the fact that the climb to the top, there are many ways, Top of the Page will still be useful and convenient for your users. However, it is worth remembering that at those sites where the template is designed for 100% of the width of the browser window, the "Up" button can override the contents of the page. So you should carefully review the work Top of the Page and determine if it prevents users.

Rusifikator Top of the Page

Download crack Top of the Page.


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Useful links:

  • The official website of the program.


The next button, which provides a rapid return on the top of the page you are viewing. Previously described a similar expansion «of Adeptus the UP» , «the Top of the Page» , «SmoothTop» , has repeatedly caused problems in the blog readers. We hope that this development will not cause censures.

Skyline Scroll to Top


2.5, 3.0



Step 1: Install extension

  • "Installing and Enabling CMS Joomla extensions!"

Step 2. Settings. Tab "plugin"

Developer extension has provided all the necessary parameters for an individual plug-in settings, except for pictures. We eliminate this gap and provide a selection of images for the button. If necessary, the image size can be reduced in a graphics program.

Now directly to the settings:

Skyline Scroll to Top

  • The Enable admin - use the button on the control panel site
  • Engine - choice of JavaScript libraries for animation buttons - jQuery
  • Image background Used - unpack the archive with the pictures in the folder «Images» and select the image

Text block:

Skyline Scroll to Top

  • The Text - text on the button
  • Title - the name of the button, which will pop up when you hover

Skyline Scroll to Top

As you can see, the button is displayed, but it is desirable to change the background. To do this, there is the following block.

Skyline Scroll to Top

  • The Color background Used - background color
  • The Color the Text - color of the caption on the button
  • The Color the Background hover - background color with the focus on the button
  • The Text the Color hover - the color of the text when you hover
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Change the background and get the next display option buttons.

Skyline Scroll to Top

The last block is responsible for the arrangement of the buttons:

Skyline Scroll to Top

  • The Position - button may be positioned at the top or bottom, left or right
  • The Radius Border - corner rounding value of the button
  • Of Left the Offset / Right - shift of the left and right
  • The Top the Offset / The Bottom - the displacement of the top and bottom
  • Of Left & Right the Padding - padding to the left and right
  • The Top & The Bottom the Padding - padding on top and bottom

Step 3. Settings.
Tab "Advanced Settings"

Additional optional settings:

Skyline Scroll to Top

  • The Duration the Scroll - scroll the length (500 = half a second)
  • Transition the Scroll - effects when moving pages
  • The CSS the Custom - field to insert other styles

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