iPhone 6s Black Gold for $ 2,300

iPhone 6s Black Gold for $ 2,300

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New models of smartphones iPhone has traditionally attracted the attention of jewelry companies producing premium versions of popular gadgets, which differ from the standard that their case is covered with precious metals. After just a few days after the iPhone 6s release went on sale its first premium version of the company's Karalux.

Jewelers Vietnamese company Karalux released iPhone 6s Black Gold. Unusual body color is due to the fact that the smartphone coated composition of 24-carat gold, and rhodium metal. Get a very original "dirty black" color resembles the color of soot or newly laid asphalt.

The cost of iPhone 6s Black Gold is US $ 2,300, which is two and a half times higher than the cost of the same gadget in one of the standard housing options from producer. [DeviceBox]

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