Cordy 2 - Adventures monitorogolovogo robot

What only we have not seen platformer - and with stunning graphics and puzzles, characters and fluffy. Create in a saturated genre of game that will not be lost for renowned projects is not easy. Cordy 2 - one of those toys that are remembered, and that's something.

As you might guess from the name, it is the first part, but I have not met her, so I will not engage in comparisons - will have to make an unbiased review. To most accurately describe the essence Cordy 2, it is necessary to draw parallels with Unmechanical and Manuganu 2. The first focuses on the continuous and careful research and study locations, solving puzzles and challenges. In the second you need to run only forward, the sooner the better to jump and avoid obstacles. It's more like a runner, is not infinite.

Cordy 2

With regard to these two platforming, Cordy 2 - the golden mean. Gameplay is a fun toy about a robot with a monitor instead of the head except the mix will not name. The fact that there is a time limit for which it is necessary to go through and find a way for each location. But the process - not the endless running from right to left, and the whole journey, full of the search buttons, inputs and outputs a constant rush.

Cordy 2

Find a large cube, ottransportirovat it on the button, put the - the gate opens, you can run farther. And if the button on the ceiling? Drag a huge cube and jump with him. And sometimes, the cube is not enough - the aid must be moved tramplinchik. And in the passage of a pore - haste, puzzles, jumping.

But no one alive puzzles project. In the vastness of locations there are evil robots that you must either jump or destroy by jumping on their towers. Otherwise, you will lose precious gears, which act as energy. The more you gather up, the more to play, which is true in some sense.

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Cordy 2

The graphics are incredibly bright, colors literally shine, eyes already cuts - no somber tones. Sound is implemented at a high level, no raises no objections.

Cordy 2 - a great representative of the platformer that combines the features and runner, and puzzles.

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