Madness around iPhone - what happens?

Today, all over the world begin official sales of iPhone X. The "best" traditions of Apple fans began to take their turn in front of shops in advance.

Tim Cook said that any problems with the delivery of new flagship will not be, as the company managed to cope with all the problems - everyone can get a novelty in the near future. Even if someone does not have time to buy a smartphone, the CEO assured that the production of devices has already been established, and will have to wait for long.

However, the hype surrounding the jubilee news is growing, people have already begun to actively take their turn in front of shops and some even decided to earn some money.

iPhone X

Another evening of November 1 at about the store re: Store on Tverskaya turn began to form in Moscow of wanting to buy a new product. Despite the temperature of -2 degrees and falling snow, about 150 people decided to wait for the start of sales of the flagship. The next evening, all grown up and was already about 500 people. Almost everyone buy a novelty brought with warm blankets, folding chairs and periodically replace each other in order to bask in the nearest cafe.

line for iphone x

Mosgortrans decided to take care of the fans and provided standing in a queue of people by bus, where you can warm up for free. Its placed in the Annunciation lane.

line for iphone x

Not everyone in the queue people who wish to buy a new iPhone. Many of them are "professional stoyalschikami" and sold his place on the site for free classified ads. For example, some estimate their services more expensive than the flagship - 110 000 rubles. Recall gadget price starts from 79 990 rubles. There are places in the queue and for 9000 rubles - even now you can find ads on Avito. And yet these "startups":

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iPhone X box

And what the United States? This morning three unknown persons broke into the truck with iPhone X. They managed to steal 313 new gadgets. The total cost of the damage to the company is about 370 thousand dollars. Despite the fact that the gadgets have been able to steal, the attackers did not take into account the fact that Apple is strict control of smartphones and knows the serial numbers of each of the missing device.

Photo source: Vedomosti.

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