15 useful pieces from AliExpress. Cable Lightning Stand for iPhone?

15 useful pieces from AliExpress. Cable Lightning Stand for iPhone?

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End of the week - the best time to shop online. We have done everything for you and find the most interesting and standing offers.

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1. the Lightning cable-Stand

Convenient cable, with which you can set your smartphone at an angle.

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Price . 237 rubles, buy with cashback

2. The wireless speakers

The speaker playback control buttons and a clock.

Price . 1621 rubles, buy with cashback

3. the SATA the USB 3.0 adapter

It allows you to connect a hard drive directly to USB.

Price . From 797 rubles to buy with cashback

4. Awesome bulbs

It can be used for the decor and room decoration.

Price . From 918 rubles to buy with cashback

5. The diode lamp

Suitable for lighting in the wardrobe, closet or car.

Price . 741 rubles, buy with cashback

6. Organizer in car trunk

It helps to place a lot of things.

Price . 659 rubles, buy with cashback

7. The universal mount for smartphone

It allows you to conveniently adjust the location of the device.

Price . 606 rubles, buy with cashback

8. Foldable Bottle

Convenient water tank 750 ml.

Price . 773 rubles, buy with cashback

9. Tool kit

Screwdriver, wrench and a large number of interchangeable bits.

Price . 969 rubles, buy with cashback

10. Batteries Xiaomi

rechargeable batteries with the unit for charging.

Price . From 701 rubles to buy with cashback

11. Charging Stand smartphone

Handy thing to charge near the outlet.

Price . 102 rubles, buy with cashback

12. The non-contact thermometer

Quickly measures body temperature.

Price . 784 rubles, buy with cashback

13. Wired Headset

Convenient inexpensive headphones.

Price . From 96 rubles to buy with cashback

14. Humidifier Xiaomi

Create a comfortable humidity in the room.

Price . 1227 rubles, buy with cashback

15. Surge

Powerful extension cord with four sockets and USB-ports.

Price . 1820 rubles, buy with cashback

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1. Set Letyshops expansion and find goods.

2. If the seller has not raised the price, you will see this mark:

3. If the seller raised the price tag before a sellout, the expansion of this show:

Do not be fooled. Enjoy the shopping.

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